Matías Muñoz Parietti

Born in Santiago de Chile and resident in Barcelona since 2004. Pianist, composer and arranger. He develops his musical studies at the Modern School of Music (Santiago de Chile), at the Taller de Músics (Barcelona) and at the Angel Soler classical piano school. He also receives private classes from great teachers such as Guillermo Klein, Jorge Rossy, Roger Mas, Joan Diaz, Alejandro Di Constanzo, Toly Ramirez, Mario Lecaros, among others. He specializes in piano, arrangements, jazz composition and also plays different musical styles such as reggae, funk, rock, Latin American folklore, classical music, cumbia and pop. In 2009 he was the winner of the “Fund for the promotion of national music” from the Chilean government for the recording of his first professional Jazz album (Promenade, Mosaico Jazz Trio, Nómada57 studio, Barcelona). He actively participates as a composer and performer for plays, dance, short films and in different musical and theater groups on the Barcelona scene such as Mosaico Collective, La Bambola Cabaret, Cotton Bros, Los Escultores del Aire physical theater company, Bohemios del Parallel, Kaudy Cia. Todozancos, Mañaners, Ari Ann Wire, Rafa Bueno (The Voice), Rafael Fernandez, La Hermana Grandes, Big Pocket Orchestra, Microguagua, Prostíbulo Poetico, Cabaret Le Coq, among others. He has performed with different groups in Spain, Austria, France, England, the United States, Germany, Italy, Malta, Chile, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Costa Rica and Argentina.

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