Plucked strings


Vocal studies

Pedagogical proposal:

Singing classes of all levels for young people and adults.

Singing classes for children from 7 years old.

Study and improvement of the repertoire for professionals.

Preparation for auditions in theaters for both soloists and professional choral artists.

Preparation for admission exams in music conservatories.

How we work:

The class is divided into two parts:

Vocal education and training with specific exercises (scales, arpeggios and practical methods for voice development)
Learning and practicing the repertoire (we will choose the arias and songs from the classical and operatic repertoire that best suit our voice)

What is worked:

Diaphragmatic breathing and correct body posture during singing.

Use of body resonators to increase the power of the voice.

Study of the formation and coordination of sound.

Correct pronunciation in different languages.

Vocal and corporal expressiveness in the different repertoires and vocal chamber music.

Choice of the appropriate repertoire for each type of voice.



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